July 14, 2015
Interview: Carlos Delgado and Pete Zaroll

Pete Zaroll sat down with Favorited Comedian winner Carlos Delgado for some hard-hitting questions.

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 Carlos Delgado, winner of the Totino’s + Nerdist Favorited Comedian contest, graciously sat down with a Pizza Roll in a wizard costume at Comic-Con International in San Diego this weekend and answered some extremely serious and extremely important questions.


PETE: Hey Carlos, how do you like my costume?

CARLOS: Hey Pete, I think it’s really really cute and I’m really impressed by your craftsmanship. Or…craftspersonship.

PETE: Thank you for respecting me like that. How comfy are you right now? Do you need a pillow or something?

CARLOS: Yes. Possibly could I use you as a pillow? Because not only do you give me comfort through food, but also through your presence.

PETE: And also I’m a very tiny pillow-shaped food item.

CARLOS: Yes, you are.

PETE: Carlos, who’s your favorite comedian whom you might also be kind of afraid of meeting in a dark alley?

CARLOS: Wow…that’s really political. I think my favorite comedian but that I might also be afraid of meeting in a dark alley is Jackie Kashian. She’s one of my favorite comedians, but if I met her in a dark alley, I’d be more scared of why she’s in a dark alley.

PETE: Ooooh, for sneaky things!

CARLOS: Yeah, like, why are you here?

PETE: Who would win in a fight: A hundred Pizza Roll-sized horses, or one horse-sized Pizza Roll?

CARLOS: I think you have to go to the Greeks in terms of that, and I’m going to say Trojan Horse method. More Pizza Rolls, more battle, more win.

PETE: But the Trojans…there was one giant horse!

CARLOS: Yes but inside of the horse…

PETE: So what you’re saying is that the Mechabattle would be the horse-sized Pizza Roll filled with tiny Pizza Roll-sized Horses?

CARLOS: It’s the only way for assured victory.

PETE: I like your thinking. Have you ever been to Cleveland? Why or why not?

CARLOS: I have not been to Cleveland because I have not been able to get a show there. But I would love to go to Cleveland!

PETE: On a scale from one million to one billion, how much do you love pizza?

CARLOS: Oh, I’m going to say like a cold hard one billion.

PETE: A solid one billion?

CARLOS: Solid one billion. I love pizza.

PETE: So if we reduce our fractions and go lowest common denominator, it’s like a ten.

CARLOS: I’d like to say ten out of ten, yes.

PETE: Great. If you had to tattoo one planet on your body, which would you choose and where would you put it?

CARLOS: I would pick Uranus, but I would put it on my forehead.

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